The last step before becoming an American citizen is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) interview. Our free online site and Android app will help you prepare for it.

100 Questions
The first part of the exam is to test your English skills. In the second part, the officer asks 10 questions from a pool of 100 and you must answer at least 6 of them correctly to pass the test.

Official Answers
The answers are the official ones. You must know them precisely.
For instance, even though a president can stay in power for 8 years in total (2 terms of 4 years), the answer to the question:

We elect a president for how many years?
…is 4 and not 8. Note, however, some questions may have more than one possible answers.

Location Dependent
Some answers are location dependent (e.g What is the capital of your state?) In the settings screen, enter your zip code and we will look up these answers automatically.

Not An MCQ
Beware, the test is not a multiple choice questionaire (MCQ). If you're practicing using MCQs you should reconsider that strategy.

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